Live Forbes Google+ interview

Interested in social enterprise and free tomorrow at 10:30am ET? We'll be talking with Devin Thorpe of Forbes and Archana Verma of ennovent about social entrepreneurship and impact investing in sustainable forestry.

Join us live on Google Hangouts tomorrow to watch the interview and contribute your questions. We will update this page afterwards with a video of the interview. 

WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge

We normally avoid blatant self promotion, but ...

Planting Empowerment was recently shortlisted for the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge, which seeks to

"Discover the most innovative for-profit enterprises from around the world that have a positive impact on tropical forest biodiversity."

Well sir, I'd say that's what we're doing.

If you have a chance, please take a moment to vote for us. Register on their website, then navigate to our listing and click vote. You should see something like this.